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By John Daintith

ISBN-10: 0192806416

ISBN-13: 9780192806413

This best-selling dictionary comprises over 9,000 entries on all features of technological know-how and gives complete assurance of biology (including human biology), chemistry, physics, the earth sciences, and astronomy. Appendices disguise the periodic desk, geological time scale, and animal and plant class. New positive aspects comprise digital thumb tags for simple reference, extended parts together with astronomy and earth technological know-how and extra beneficial properties on key themes corresponding to the sun procedure and Genetically changed Organisms. additionally featured are brief biographies of top scientists and chronologies of particular topics, together with plastics, electronics and cellphone biology. either concise and wide-ranging, this dictionary is a perfect convenient reference paintings and nice creation for college kids and non-scientists alike.

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D. 5°C). The anhydrous salt is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol; the hydrate is very soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. 18H2O). It may be prepared by dissolving aluminium hydroxide or china 31 clays (aluminosilicates) in sulphuric acid. It decomposes on heating to sulphur dioxide, sulphur trioxide, and aluminium oxide. Its solutions are acidic because of hydrolysis. Aluminium sulphate is commercially one of the most important aluminium compounds; it is used in sewage treatment (as a Ûocculating agent) and in the puriÜcation of drinking water, the paper industry, and in the preparation of mordants.

Amplitude See wave. amplitude modulation (AM) See modulation; radio. ampulla 1. An enlargement at one end of each of the *semicircular canals of the inner ear. Each ampulla contains a group of receptors – sensory hair cells – embedded in a gelatinous cap (cupula), which detects movement in one particular dimension, corresponding to the plane of the canal. Movement of the head causes the cupula (and the hairs within it) to bend in a direction opposite to that of the head movement; this stimulates nerve impulses in the receptors, which are interpreted by the brain as movement in a particular dimension.

The SI unit of amount of substance is the *mole. AMP See atp; cyclic amp. ampere Symbol A. The SI unit of electric 38 current. The constant current that, maintained in two straight parallel inÜnite conductors of negligible cross section placed one metre apart in a vacuum, would produce a force between the conductors of 2 × 10–7 N m–1. 001 118 00 gram of silver from a solution of silver nitrate in one second. The unit is named after A. M. Ampère. Ampère, André Marie (1775–1836) French physicist who from 1809 taught at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

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