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By Kai Borre, Dennis M. Akos, Nicolaj Bertelsen, Peter Rinder, Søren Holdt Jensen

ISBN-10: 0817643907

ISBN-13: 9780817643904

This e-book discover using new applied sciences within the zone of satellite tv for pc navigation receivers. so as to construct a reconfigurable receiver with quite a lot of functions, the authors speak about receiver structure in accordance with software-defined radio ideas. The presentation unfolds in a effortless variety and is going from the fundamentals to state-of-the-art study. The ebook is aimed toward utilized mathematicians, electric engineers, geodesists, and graduate scholars. it can be used as a textbook in a number of GPS expertise and sign processing classes, or as a self-study reference for an individual operating with satellite tv for pc navigation receivers.

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The code tracking loop is a device that estimates the signed time difference between the received and the reference code. The zero of this detector is the pseudorange or code phase observation. Null tracking is enabled by subtracting the late correlation from the early correlation. The resulting difference is called the discriminator function. For a coherent DLL we have D(t) = R t + d 2 −R t− d 2 . 8. 6 Navigation Data The navigation data are transmitted on the L1 frequency with the earlier mentioned bit rate of 50 bps.

4 Doppler Frequency Shift In GPS we are faced with a Doppler frequency shift caused by the motion of the transmitter (satellite) relative to the GPS receiver. The Doppler frequency shift affects both the acquisition and tracking of the GPS signal. For a stationary GPS receiver the maximum Doppler frequency shift for the L1 frequency is around ±5 kHz and for a GPS receiver moving at high speed it is reasonable to assume that the maximum Doppler shift is ±10 kHz. 7. The two triangles indicate the early and the late ACF.

The C/A code is a sequence of 1023 chips. (A chip corresponds to a bit. 023 MHz. 23 MHz. It repeats itself each week starting at the beginning of the GPS week which is at Saturday/Sunday midnight. The C/A code is only modulated onto the L1 carrier while the P(Y) code is modulated onto both the L1 and the L2 carrier. 3 describes the generation and properties of the spreading sequences in detail. 2 GPS Signal Scheme In the following a detailed description of the signal generation is given. 1 is a block diagram describing the signal generation; see Kaplan & Hegarty (2006), page 124.

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