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It would take her freely through the world. It would be foolish to let anything sap her confidence in herself and her future. Why then had she wasted this whole day in sorrow? From the yard below, there sounded the whir of the old hand mower that Dad employed to tidy edges. She called down to him. " "I thought I heard the garage door. Your mother's still out. " "Places. I stopped at Granny's, and as usual, she gave me food. That chicken thing with shrimp that you like. " "No, we don't need one.

In that house, Granny had been born and married. Most probably she would die there, too, but probably not for a long time. She was as strong as she looked, a woman at peace with herself. You could never imagine her striving for popularity or worrying over what "people might think"! It was known to all but never mentioned that Francine and Granny had little love for each other. A fragrance of sugar and cinnamon filled the hall when the front door was opened. Hy sniffed the air. "Baking already? " "Apple pies," Granny said, "for that shut-in couple down the street.

So you must quickly think of something to say. Though why should she care if this stranger thought she was unfriendly? Nevertheless, she continued. " "It is, and I'm grateful to it. " Another silence fell. After a minute or two, he broke it again. " Yes, surely it had been a reward, her little red car, her shiny toy, a reward like the summer art course in Italy. Just in time, she stopped herself from saying so; you didn't mention European trips to a person on scholarship. " he remarked. " "It is.

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