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By John Murphy

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Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used to be born right into a relations of strict piety and reasonable poverty. As a serious-minded non secular pupil, he quickly stuck the attention of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Upon Khomeini's dying, Khamenei used to be named his successor and have become the Grand Ayatollah of Iran. This biography tells his tale.

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By the time of his death in 632, Muhammad was no longer a humble desert visionary. He now claimed to be the last of a long line of Old Testament prophets who tried to turn people’s attention to the one true god. He even believed that Jesus, said to be the son of God by Christians, was merely another prophet, like himself. There was no shortage of believers in his message. Within a year of Muhammad’s death, the entire Arabian peninsula was converted to Islam. Persia’s Conversion to Islam Islam’s influence would not be confined to Arabia, however.

Regaining control of Iran would require qualities typically associated with the old-time Persian upstarts who emerged from the mountains to found the legendary dynasties of the Persian Empire, men like Cyrus and Darius, and the leaders of the Medes, Achaemenians, Parthians, and Sassanians. Reza Shah Pahlavi Reza Shah Pahlavi wasn’t a leader of the caliber of Cyrus or Darius, but he made a great first impression. Reza Khan, as he was first known, was a tall, fierce-looking commander of the highest status military unit in the Iranian army, the Cossack Brigade, which was once staffed and trained by Russian military officers.

They did not, however, drive the Byzantines from their stronghold of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul). From this headquarters, Byzantine forces were able to regroup. In 626, they marched north, sailed across the Black Sea, establishing themselves in the Caucuses—the border between Europe and Asia—between modern-day Turkey, Iran, Russia, the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea. From the Caucuses, the Byzantines penetrated deep into Persia, not stopping until they reached the Sassanian seat of power, Ctesiphon, in Mesopotamia, just south of present-day Baghdad.

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