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By V Sankrithi Krishnan

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For mercury-in-glass thermometers, especially maximum thermometers, it is important that the vacuum above the mercury column be nearly perfect. All thermometers should be graduated for total immersion, with the exception of thermometers for meauring soil temperature. The special requirements of thermometers for various purposes are dealt with hereafter under the appropriate headings. 1 Ordinary (station) thermometers This is the most accurate instrument of all meteorological thermometers. Usually it is a mercury-in-glass-type thermometer.

The true value is the value which, under operational conditions, perfectly characterizes the variable to be measured/observed over the representative time interval, area and/or volume required, taking into account siting and exposure. 6. Columns 2 to 5 refer to the requirements established by the CBS Expert Team on Requirements for Data from Automatic Weather Stations in 2004. 7. Columns 6 to 8 refer to the typical operational performance established by the CIMO Expert Team on Surface Technology and Measurement Techniques in 2004.

1975: A rational subdivision of scales for atmospheric processes. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 56, pp. 527-530. World Meteorological Organization, 1966: International Meteorological Tables (S. ) (1973 amendment), WMO-No. 188. 94, Geneva. L. Hawson). Technical Note No. 112, WMO-No. 267. 151, Geneva. World Meteorological Organization, 1981: Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices. Second edition, WMO-No. 134, Geneva. World Meteorological Organization, 1983: Guide to Climatological Practices.

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