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2. Ibid. 20 p u b l i sh ed b y the I n stitute o f S i n dh o l ogy. T h e poetry o f Sh ah Lutuful l a h Qad ri does n ot contain stanzas of only two verses, but extends to even six o r seven verses. His poetry i s of an i nt�r­ mediary l i n k between h i s g reat successors , Shah l nayat and Shah Abdu l Latif B h itai . In his poetry we find the standard form of bait, which consisted of more than three or four l ines, as i nvocationary which was fol l owed by h i s s uccessors. H i s poetry i s p u rely spiritual and d idactic i n n ature.

Shah l n at Rizvi was a g reat contem porary of Shah Abdu l Latif and i ntroduced many trad itions of Sindhi poetry . H e (Sh ah l n at) had l i stened to the m u sicians ana the m i nstrels and was also conversant with the s p i ritual contents of the poetry of his pre­ decAssors. Shah Latif was strongly i nfluenced by the poetry of Shah l n at. Another poetical g rowth o f this period was the ri s e of the ball ad and other forms of fol k lore. r" 0 � ) (d . 1 775 AD) are very i m po rtant. The theme usually ueals with l ove, local legends, feats of local heroes, super natural h appen i n g s , a n cl rel igious offerings.

Bewas , i n his l iterary career, kept away from such artifices. He did n ot record the superficial views of l ife i n h i s own d ays . He h ad i n n ate i n stinct to catch with i n perview the soul of h i s gener­ ati o n . H is acq uaintance with l ife was wide and comprehensive. ,nki n d , and he used these opport u n ities to observe the (Jec u larities of h uman nature. H e h ad an observant eye, a retentive memory, j udgement to select and the capacity to expo u n d . /. r:- 0; �. s if:" ':'fa 0 ;�� _,�b � �I �/- JL ':I _,.

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