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Sea ice covers the entire continental shelf during most of the year and presents another serious threat to the explorationist. The distribution and movement of sea ice on the continental shelf are hard to predict and have historically been responsible for the demise of several research vessels. Even less predictable is iceberg movement. Individual icebergs within the same area may drift at different speeds and in different directions because their size and draft determines to what extent winds and currents affect them.

The trough-outlet wedges are also prospective, but might not be as texturally mature. Exploratory or scientific drilling will be necessary to confirm the presence of suitable reservoirs. Because hydrocarbons are generated at very shallow depths, there may not be adequate reservoirs and traps pre­ sent when primary migration occurs. In the postrift sedi­ ments, very little faulting is observed. Stratigraphic traps may form updip of the basin floor turbidites as porosity decreases due to influx of terrigenous silt.

Figure 9-Sea ice subregions displaying coherent spatial and temporal behavior (from Ropelewski, 1983). (Houston Post December 11, 1987). The iceberg was approxi­ mately 40 km by 157 km or roughly twice the size of the state of Rhode Island. In addition to ice shelves, icebergs are derived from ice tongues, outlet glaciers, and tidewater glaciers. 3 x 1012 m3 (Morgan and Budd, 1978). Studies on the distribution and long-term motion of ice­ bergs in the Southern Ocean have been conducted by Swith­ inbank et al.

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